Jaguar / Landrover Cupholder

Dock for a Samsung or Pixel phone with USB-C




I have produced all the parts required by 3D printing to hold a Samsung or Pixel phone with USB-C plug in the correct position to connect to the cable. The kit includes all the fixing materials and support blocks, all you will need is a drill, either Ø 13mm or Ø 1/2" to make a hole in the bottom of the cupholder. The kit contains a drill guide so the hole is in the correct position to make the perfect result.


Note:- The blocks have been specifically designed to securely fit the Samsung cable supplied with the phone, if you intend using a clone version you may need to file the blocks slightly. Please contact me if you need advice or help, using the email link below.


Suitable phones:-

If your phone fits into the support guides in the cupholder and has a USB-C connector, then this dock kit should work. It has been designed to accommadate phones that are in a case, so if the phone and case can be slotted into cupholder this will work. Please contact me of you need advice, using the email link below.



Drill hole:-

1/ Remove cupholder from vehicle.

2/ Using either Ø 13mm or Ø 1/2" drill bit and the blue drilling guide provided, locate it in position shown in Figure 1.

3/ While pushing guide into wedge feature, carefully drill the hole making sure the surface under cupholder isn't obstructed to prevent damage.

4/ Make sure all loose materal is removed and the area around the hole is clean and dry.



1/ Push the cable plug through the hole you just drilled Figure 2.

2/ Depending how well the blocks grip your particular plug you can place a small piece of double sided tape on one side or if you prefer both sides of plug as shown in Figure 4.

3/ Peal off backing material and place plug in one of the blocks Figure 5.

4/ Assemble the 2 halves of the black mounting blocks and push together as shown in Figure 6.

5/ While gripping the 2 halves together, apply the large shaped doubled sided tape to bottom of the 2 blocks Figure 8.

6/ Remove double sided tape backing material and carefully slide the assembly right into the wedge feature, then slide it downwards and push firmly into the base of cupholder Figure 9.

7/ Slide youe phone into cupholder and check it all fits Figure11.



Compatible vehicles:-

1/ The kit is suitable for the following models.

Jaguar I-PACE & E-PACE and Landrover Discovery




1/ The complete kit of plastic parts and double sided tape is £21 including UK delivery. For European customers price including delivery is €29. Payment is by PayPal using the email address

Alternatively you can purchase it from Etsy :- Etsy Shop



For further details, questions and contact address please email me.



Figure 1



Figure 2



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Figure 4


Figure 5


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