Jaguar / Landrover Cupholder

Dock for iPhone with Lightning connector



I have produced all the parts required by 3D printing to hold the Apple Lightening plug in the corect position and enable the iPhone to connect to the cable. The kit includes all the fixing materials and support blocks, all you will need is a drill, either Ø 9mm or Ø 3/8" to make a hole in the bottom of the cupholder. The kit contains a drill guide so the hole is in the correct position to make the perfect result.


Suitable iPhones:-

If your iPhone fits into the support guides in the cupholder, then this dock kit should work. It has been designed to accommadate iPhones that are in a case, so if the phone and case can be slotted into cupholder this will work.


Note:- The blocks have been specifically designed to securely fit the Apple cable supplied with the phone, if you intend using a clone version you may need to file the blocks slightly. Please contact me if you need advice or help, using the email link below.



Drill hole:-

1/ Remove cupholder from vehicle.

2/ Using either Ø 9mm or Ø 3/8" drill bit and the orange drilling guide provided, locate it in position shown in Figure 1.

3/ While pushing guide into wedge feature, carefully drill the hole making sure the surface under cupholder isn't obstructed to prevent damage.

4/ Make sure all loose materal is removed and the area around the hole is clean and dry.



1/ Push the lightening cable plug through the hole you just drilled Figure 2.

2/ Place a small piece of double sided tape on one side or if you prefer both sides of lightening plug as shown in Figure 4.

3/ Peal off backing material and place plug in one of the blocks Figure 5.

4/ Assemble the 2 halves of the black mounting blocks and push together as shown in Figure 6.

5/ While gripping the 2 halves together, apply the large shaped doubled sided tape to bottom of the 2 blocks Figure 8.

6/ Remove double sided tape backing material and carefully slide the assembly right into the wedge feature, then slide it downwards and push firmly into the base of cupholder Figure 9.

7/ Slide youe iPhone into cupholder and check it all fits Figure11.



Compatible vehicles:-

1/ The kit is suitable for the following models.

Jaguar I-PACE & E-PACE and Landrover Discovery




1/ The complete kit of plastic parts and double sided tape is £20 including UK delivery. For European customers price including delivery is €28. Payment is by PayPal using the email address

Alternatively you can purchase it from Etsy :- Etsy Shop



For further details, questions and contact address please email me.


/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/Jagblock_iPhone_1.jpg


Figure 1



/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_2.jpg

Figure 2



/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_3.jpg

Figure 3



/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_4.jpg

Figure 4


/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_5.jpg

Figure 5


/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_6.jpg

Figure 6


/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_7.jpg

Figure 7


/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_8.jpg

Figure 8


/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_9.jpg

Figure 9


/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_10.jpg

Figure 10


/SSD Data/CAD Web Site 000webhost 2020/JagBlocksImages/JagBlock_iPhone_11.jpg

Figure 11