Talking Ringtones App

for the Mac


Example Ringtones : -

Just silly voices : -

Description: -
This easy to use app lets you create ringtones / tones by turning your typed phrases into spoken words, in a variety of voices, pitches, speeds and sound levels. So rather than using beeps or sound effects your iPhone will ‘talk’ to you with words like “A new text has arrived” or “This is your alarm, it’s time to get up”.

Quick overview: -
1/ Click in the box at the top of window and type a sentence or two.
2/ Select a voice (there are over 100 to choose from if you install all available) and move the various sliders if required.
3/ Press Play button.
4/ Press Create button and the ringtone file appears on your desktop.
5/ Connect your iPhone or iPad, open iTunes then either drag or copy / paste ‘Your Ringtone Just Created.m4r’ file into iTunes.

Method of use: -
After launching the app, you will be greeted with 3 example ringtones, to hear one of them just “single click” a row in the list and press the ‘Play’ button. Try moving the sliders to different values, change the Country or Voices to hear the difference, if you like the changes, click the ‘Save’ button or Cmd + S.

Create New ringtone: -
1/ To create a new ringtone click in the top box then type or paste the sentence / phrase you want to hear, select the country if you prefer something different from the default (your country) and select a voice.
2/ Use the Play button or Cmd + P to listen to your choice and make any changes if required. Using play also makes the Create button active, this ensures you have listened to the phrase before saving the ringtone file.
3/ After typing 6 characters the New green “+” button appears, so when phrase complete click button or Cmd + N. The app automatically creates a file name, (capitalising the first 6 words but this can be edited later) before saving everything.
4/ Finally if you like your new ringtone click the Create button which looks like the app icon (located bottom right of window). If you make any changes and want to update the ringtone, clicking the Create button which overwrites the audio ringtone file without notification.
Note: The ringtone file name comprises Ringtone Name, the name of the Voice and the sound Level.

Edit an existing ringtone: -
1/ To change the settings of an existing ringtone from the list just “single click” it and make the required alterations.
2/ Press Play at any time until you reach required result, then touch Save button or Cmd + S.
A/ To make alterations to the text, ”double click” the ringtone in the list, the top box becomes active and contains the existing phrase where you can make the changes. Press Play and Save as appropriate, note the file name will not change but this can be edited at any time by selecting ‘Edit Filename’ from the Edit menu or Cmd + E.
B/ If you would like to hear the ringtone spoken using the default levels of Speed, Pitch and Volume use the “Default” button or ‘Tools’ menu or Cmd + D. These changes are not saved as you may prefer your original version so click the ‘Esc’ button.

Duplicate an existing ringtone: -
You may wish to create a version of an existing ringtone that is louder, spoken faster, higher pitch or even a different voice. To do this select desired phrase in list to be copied and double click. Make changes to settings and touch the + button to create a new version. The file name will have a ‘#1’ added at the end but this can be edited later. Each subsequent duplication of this ringtone the number will be increased.

Delete an existing ringtone: -
Select phrase from the list using a single click and then “Red Cross” delete button or “Del” key.

Edit ringtone file name: -
1/ Select phrase and select ‘Edit Filename’ from the menu or Cmd + E. The existing name is placed in the box and you can change its style using the round buttons and any typing you do.
2/ As typed - is exactly what it says.
3/ Default words – This uses the first 6 words of your phrase.
4/ Add Spaces – this option only works if the words are Capitalised.
5/ DeleteSpaces – anther obvious result.
6/ all lowercase - is what you would expect.
7/ Add Capitalise - is the default state the app uses.
Important Note:- Your chosen style and resultant file name wording are what appears in iTunes and finally on your iPhone or iPad.

Cancel any changes: -
Just use ‘Esc’ key.

How to add the Ringtone (Tone) to your iPhone or iPad: -
You can either copy the Ringtone to clipboard or when iDevice connect in iTunes and selected, just drag the file directly onto “Devices”.
A/ Connect iDevice to your computer (Mac or Windows).
B/ On your computer, find the ringtone that you created which will be on the desktop after using this app (or wherever you copied it to on other platforms).
C/ Select the ringtone and copy it by either Cmd (?) + C or choose Edit menu & Copy.
D/ Open iTunes.
E/ Go to the Library tab of Music.
F/ Click on your device in the left sidebar, then click Tones.
G/ Paste your tone by either Cmd + V, Paste from the Edit menu or Right Click.
H/ On your iPhone, iPad or iPod go to Settings > Sounds and click on the app you want it to use. So, for example, to change incoming email notification, choose ‘New Mail’ and scroll down to ‘RINGTONES’ section. Select your new ringtone and it will play it.

Compatibility: -
Talking Ringtones app runs on macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) or later & the sounds created are compatible with, all iPhones from iPhone 4s to iPhone 11 or 11 Pro & 11 Pro Max. Also, all iPad’s & iPod’s can use the tones produced.

Terms and Conditions: -
A/ Not to use any swear words in the text.
B/ Not to Blaspheme or offend any religious faith.
C/ Not to use offensive or racial comments in the text.
D/ Not to use text that could cause offence to person’s or organizations.
E/ Not to use this app to create commercial ringtones, it’s intended for private use only.
F/ This is a 'fun' app, please use it as such and enjoy.