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This site contains products designed for caravanners, motorhome enthusiasts and people towing trailers. It has software to help level a Motorhome or Caravan, a security device to tether valuable items to your tow hitch and a water pump protector to improve operation of existing fitted equipment. Please select the item you would like to know more about using the buttons on the left or email Support with your specific question.

Our latest product is an app for the Apple iPhone or iPad to level your Caravan or Motorhome. This is similar to other surface bubble level apps but has 2 unique features. Firstly it can speak the amount in Degrees, Dimensions or Blocks your Caravan is out of level front-to-rear and side-to-side, then confirm when it is level in all directions. Secondly it can have a customised offset when you intentionally need something with a small angle and this offset is remembered.

Click on the CaravanLevel button for more details.

Another product available is the 'Loop & Lock' security cable, ideal for securing generators, bicycles or solar panels to the outside of your caravan.

For more information click on the 'Loop & Lock' button to the left.

We have produced 2 iPhone apps (also they work on iPad's with network connection) to help users with disabilities, inspired by my own Visual Impairment. One that speaks the road name you are standing in and a house number if a property is nearby. It also follows your movements on a map, telling you road names as you move along, either walking or on a bus. The second app helps owners of Blue Badges find parking locations. There is a database of almost 9000 locations, most of which are in the UK and these are being added to constantly. It locates all listed spaces within a chosen radius (up to 10kms) of your current position or by entering a search name of a town or city. When a suitable location is found, the positron can be transferred to a SatNav app of your choice on your phone.

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